Introduction (RP)

Welcome to the Watchlist Program, Cadet! Here, we will help you recognize and manifest your powers, allowing you to go above and beyond in the field. To get initiated, head on over to the Biometric Scanning Station. From there, an Analytisizer will determine whether or not you're welcomed into the program. Once accepted, you will then have to fill out one of our Personnel Forms. This will be on display to all other personnel among the Watchlist Program. From there, you can begin training, spar with other personnel, help out with some open working positions, or go on missions and operations.

For questions about other things around the compound, check out some of the guides that are installed to your Holo-Viewer in your living quarters.

Introduction (OOC)

Welcome to The Watchlist: Role-Play Wiki! This wiki is where you can role-play all sorts of ways with other users in the community. Before you're allowed to RP, you must follow the steps listed in the Character Creation Guide. Once you've posted a character in the comments section of that page, an admin will read over it and make sure it follow the rules/regulations. Once your character has been accepted, you'll have to fill out a Player Card that will be visible to all users on your profile. If you're unsure of how to get/fill out a Player Card, please contact an admin or other knowledgeable user for assistance. Once you've filled out your Player Card, you can begin training, battling, working at open positions, or participate in special events, known typically as Missions and Operations.

For further assistance and guidance, you can check out the Help tab in the Navigation Bar. If you still have questions afterwards, feel free to contact an admin in chat for assistance.

Useful Links

  • The Site Rules can be found here.
  • Character creation can be found here.
  • Rules for leveling up and EXP Goals can be found here.
  • Fighting Guidelines can be found here.